Friday, January 31, 2020

To persuate to pas my class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

To persuate to pas my class - Essay Example I suppose that it is through the challenges of passing or excelling in class that we students grow to become refined individuals able to express ourselves with strong will and intellect, knowing that we have surpassed certain weaknesses while in the process of fulfilling academic requirements. In classroom, teachers are normally strict and formal by nature and I must admit being particularly challenged by instructors who provide the class some real tough moments of rigorously developing skills whether in analyzing a literary piece or in working out a problem that requires mechanical solution. Nevertheless, I know at the back of my head that listening to my teacher attentively and following instructions carefully would all pay off in the end since besides passing the course, I acquire the advantage of learning a huge number of things which can be of ample essence to my comprehension of major subjects in the future. More than the ability to survive the course, I feel motivated to proceed with diligent studies in class regardless of how complicated the subject matter could get, believing that somewhere in this current painstaking situation, I would be able to discover potentials yet unknown. By heart, I understand that real teachers set high expectations and seemingly imposs ible levels of standard from student performance so if I continue to persevere and strive harder even with average capacity, I can make it. Moreover, I realize that classroom experience is not merely about pressures in studying academic lessons because it also helps to interact with classmates who come from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Through their specific attitude, character, and the manner by which they handle scholastic tasks, they manage to share inspiring ideas and model image I can often look up to at times it occurs I readily get burned out. With these people, the approach toward passing a hard subject would not be as complex as I usually think it

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