Friday, February 28, 2020

Management of Information & Knowledge Strategically Essay

Management of Information & Knowledge Strategically - Essay Example Further on, recommendations have been made such as having a knowledge management system that is comprehensive and accessed to everyone, including customers and one that has fully searchable and one that can be used to access a great deal of information by attaching multiple files. Currently, Baby Boomers are heading off into retirement. In the United States of America, Baby Boomers who were born between 1946 and 1964 and are now over 50 to 55 years of age and make up one third of the country’s workforce and they are rapidly leaving the boardroom (Foster 2005). In Europe alone, most workers are aged between 36 and 44 years of age and this is expected to reduce by 19 per cent as most of them move into retirement (Foster 2005). And yet most American, Canadian and European firms do not have plans to manage and transfer knowledge and for this reason, there is a great risk of loss of experience and knowledge on an unprecedented scale (Thompson 2004). Ryanair does not have a comprehensive knowledge management system to manage its knowledge assets (Creaton 2007). This poses a huge threat for the company with the current and future problems for this being the risk of reinventing the wheel in terms of innovation, lack of customer responsiveness to products, lack of knowledge on the competitors’ moves and strategy which may result to poor pricing, loss of intellectual property after employees leave with essential knowledge, poor employee relations and time wastage in training and developing workers. A knowledge management system is important in solving and avoiding these problems in a number of certain ways. A knowledge management system comes in handy as it enhances Ryanair’s value proposition of operational excellence whereby the company focuses on creating operational efficiencies to keep costs low so as to maintain its position as a low cost airline. A knowledge management system is

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Compare and contrast Manifest Destiny and Zionism as ideological Essay

Compare and contrast Manifest Destiny and Zionism as ideological forces - Essay Example The Manifest destiny was the pinnacle for America’s outward expansionism movement which was fueled by many factors. Between 1801 and 1861, exploration was encouraged as America underwent vast territorial expansion and settlement. Thus, westward migration was influenced by geography and economic opportunity. Prior to the Civil War, most industrialization in America was in the North; however, the equipment produced in the North had an impact on the farming society in the South. One of the most significant factors that contributed to the development expansion of the United States was the fertile land that was available in the South. The large plantations in the south gave the rise to slave labor was the fertile farmland in the Midwest enabled United States to accomplish several things. First of all, the invention of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin initiated the rise to slave labor in the rich land that extended beyond from Carolina to Texas, which expanded the United States borde r. The fertile land gave boosted the American economy, which contributed to development of United States. Another key element that enabled USA to expand was the variety of minerals that were abundant westwards. California In order to implement the notion of Manifest Destiny, the innovation of â€Å"white man’s burden† was heavily utilized. Clearly, it was the responsibility of America to tame these â€Å"savages† who were devil worshippers. However, the true cause of expansionism relied on many factors. The country was new and with the advent of industrialization, became a monster that was fueled by innovation, capital, and labor. The country wanted to dominate internationally and show the world the brute power of railroads it possessed. The idea of the Manifest destiny also sprouted from racism in which the white race had to prevail itself as the dominant race. Since God had given the white race the elite title, it was upon the