Monday, December 30, 2019

Leadership Styles May Affect Organizational Leadership

An effective leader influences followers in a manner to achieve desired goals. Different leadership styles may affect organizational leadership is a stronger predictor of performance is influenced by a competitive and innovative culture. Organizational Culture is influenced by leadership style and consequently, leadership style affects organizational performance. Nearly every business that people engage in requires some organizational leadership to ensure that things go smoothly. Sometimes people clamor for that position while others shrink away from it because they are uncertain of their own abilities. There are many different ways to approach leadership when you’ve been placed in charge. The leader-Member exchange is one such theory to†¦show more content†¦A leader is most effective when this communication has respect, and trust. There is one criticism of this theory based on fairness. Because of the dynamics of in and out groups, all group members won’t receive the same attention from the leader. One of those ways is situational leadership, a theory first proposed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard in the â€Å"Training and Development Journal† in 1969. They viewed traditional leadership as one side no longer fits every situation. Situational leadership his was designed to address the dilemma of matching managers to proper job based on maturity and leadership skills. Blanchard and Hersey theorized that various situations called for different types of leadership. In order to be successful, a leader has to be able to adapt to those different situations (Northouse, p.99). Situational leadership has four leadership styles that help influence the subordinates. A leaders decisions are based on the ability and motivation of his or her subordinates, ranging from highly motivated and hi skill to low motivation and low skill. The graph below demonstrates this. None of the styles is considered to be optimal. In order for leaders to be effective, they must be able to adapt and be flexible depending on each situation that arrises. Situational leadership has several strengths and weaknesses. Path Goal theory states that a good

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